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About Us

Steeped in history and empowered by the latest technology, George Wilson Industries and its parent company Metrix represent a union of expertise and ability. The companies have enormous strength and depth, not just from each other but as part of the Apator Group they have access to a worldwide pool of engineering Resources.

GWi was founded by George Wilson in 1878 and our experience in the gas industry is extremely comprehensive. Our UK manufacturing centre is based in Coventry, promoting growth of the UK economy and creating local jobs. Its operations are centred around production of domestic pressure regulators and innovative diaphragm gas meters, using state of the art electronics and communication technologies for smart meters.

Through our environmental policies and refurbishment services for all makes of meter, we offer real benefits to reduce the carbon footprint for our customers and the re-utilisation of stranded assets.

GWi is a BS EN 18001 (Health and Safety), BS EN ISO 9001 (Quality), BS EN ISO 14001 (Environmental) and BS EN ISO 27001 (Information Security) accredited company – visit our download page for our company and products certification.